| Fortune Egg |
Fortune Egg


1. It costs you only 35 points to have a chance to obtain a fancy item. (There are many kinds)
2. All awards can be traded.




Snow Ears

The clothes can increase attack power and agility.


Mighty Grenade

A Super explosive weapon

Gold Swan Helmet

Wearing it increases defense and adaptability


Turtle Car Voucher

It can be exchange for the turtle car


Locomotive Voucher

It can be exchange for the locomotive


SPD Ring

A ring of wind spirit to activate strong SPD, exclusivly used by characters who belong to wind school.

Lethe Scroll

Reverts one's ability points to 1 point


Hot Sweet Potato

Decreases the target's spirit by 80%


Phoenix's Feather

Phoenix's Feather revives a dead player or a pet back to 100 HP


Recovers HP and SP at most