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Birthday Gifts


Besides the Leveling for Gifts event, players can also get great gifts on their birthday. The system will give out a gift box automatically if our players log in the game on the day of their birthday. Before opening the gift box, remember to make a sweet wish.

1. Must be Level 30+.
2. Double click the gift box to see what's inside.
3. Please make sure there is at lease one slot for the gift box when you log in on your birthday. The gift box will still be given to players the next day if they don’t have enough space on their birthday.
4. Players will not get the gift box if they do not log in the game on their birthday.
5. Each account can get a gift box only once per year.
6. Players should provide the correct data, and if the data is changed, the system will give you the gift box next year.

How to set your birthday information?

Please choose the Set Up from Social icon on the right bottom corner, and enter your birthday information. (You should also offer the bood type so as to complete your birthday list.) After that, click Confrim to finish your set up.