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Magic Magnet

Do you need someone with you when you feel lonely? If the person you want to stay with is far away from you, what can you do? When you have a Magic Magnet, you can “attract” someone else who has a Magic Magnet to come to you instantly.

Players with a Magic Magnet can summon other players who have also equipped the Magic Magnet. Players can summon one another by using the name list or the guild list or entering the name directly. The person who was summoned has the right to accept or reject the summoning. But only a player Level 50+ can do this kind of summoning. Magic Magnets cannot be expressed but can be traded.


Magic Magnet:

When you have a Magic Magnet, You can "attract" someone else who has a Magic Magnet to come to you instantly. But first of all, the people you summoned should be on your friends list.

Picture 1:

A: Hey Jackie, where are you?

B: I'm in Changan now! Enjoying the exciting view! Come and join us!

A: WOW! I want to be there too!

B: Ok, wait a sec...

A: LoL, amazing! So what's the next stop?

B: Wherever you want to go!

A: This is coooool!

Note: Both the summoning and summoned players should be Level 50+ and in the same branch.

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