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Lucky Cards


Lucky Cards, 20 Points Needed

How to Play:
1. Go to the game page after clicking 'Confirm' on the introduction page. If you confirm, 20 points will be consumed.

2. There are 8 cards on the table, pick any 2 cards, if the two cards are the same, you will be rewarded. If you pick 2 different cards the 1st round means you lost and the two cards are put back. Players can join the 2nd round directly with the cards not being cleared. However if you lose twice, don't worry, you will still get our encouragement prize.

3. The rewards are based on the cards players' pick. For example: A player who picks matching Angel Cards can get Female Fur Clothes.

Available Cards:









Recovers HP and SP at most

Lethe Scroll

Resets an ability points of player

Glazed Stone Bag

Obtains a glazed stone randomly


Magic Set Box

Obtains a set randomly


Obtains an alchemy book randomly

Gold Rings

Can raise chance to resist seal by 10%.(SPD+10)

Repairing Potion

Repairs partly damaged weapon and gear

Gold Loops

Gold loops that have a 12% chance to resist seal.

3X EXP Potion

Absorbs 3X EXP within two hours


Fur Clothes (Male)

This outfit comes with handsome wings. (SPD+37)

Silver Amity Jelly

Increases pet amity by 20


Fur Clothes(Female)

This outfit comes with beautiful wings.(SPD+37)

Pet Lethe Scroll

Resets a pet's ability point (Pet's level over 20)

Recovery Potion

Medicine treatment can renew the spirit

Strong Scroll

Improves gear from Mall, only one time.

Encouragement prize

Lottery Ticket

Accumulate lottery tickets for rewards.