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Mar 29, 2017
Spring is Swinging II

Apr is here and that means spring has come and will soon be a flash! If you can't remember what the heck you did while spring flew on by, then come join us for some fun and make some new memories before we're out of time and summer has taken over for good!

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Event Durationa
Mar 30th - Apr 03rd EDT (GMT - 4)

Event Details

1. During the event, exchange or buy 8,000 WLO Points to win Combat Tiger Voucher*1. (Limited to 1 per account.)

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2.During the event period, the player who purchases 6,000 or more WLO and win Bead Diamond*8 + Shade Diamond*4 + 32% Bomb Diamond*1. Limit 1 set per account.


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2.During the event period, players need only purchase the following amounts to qualify for various rewards according to the table below:





Mar 30th

1,500 WLO Points

Pet Return Scroll*55

No Limit Per Account

Mar 31st

1,500 WLO Points

Forgotten Scroll*55

No Limit Per Account

Apr 01st

1,500 WLO Points

Gray Spar*8

No Limit Per Account

Apr 02nd

2,000 WLO Points

Black Earrrings*1

1 set per account

Apr 03rd

1,500 WLO Points

Kirin Ticket*1

1 set per account

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All rewards will be given out after the maintenance on Apr 05th. Please make sure enough space is allocated for them.

The WLO Team