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Dec 5, 2008
Historic First Marriage in Wonderland


Congratulations to Tizzie, who won the top prize in the 'Who Will Win a Splendid Wedding?' event. A special GM will act as a priest to preside over this historic ceremony!!

December 7th at 6:30pm EST (GMT-5)

Holy Village Church -- Leo 1

The groom and bride are Ayasha and Tizzie!!! They welcome all players to come and share in their happiness.

During the wedding, Tizzie and Ayasha's friends will be waiting there, and the GM will go to meet the newlyweds at the newbie beach, they will then go to the church together. After exchanging the rings, they will be married by the priest.

Let's enjoy this First Wedding in Wonderland together, let's witness this historic moment, and let's remember this wonderful event forever!!!

To celebrate this historic marriage, Dragon Bangers and Sky Bangers will be available in the Item Mall on December 7th EST(GMT-5).

Dragon Banger(10)

Price:9 points

Details: Makes large beautiful fireworks. Can not be traded.

Sky Banger(15)

Price:9 points

Details: Makes beautiful fireworks. Can not be traded.

Congratulations and Happy Holidays from everyone at WL and IGG!

The WLO Team

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