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Nov 24, 2008
Thanksgiving Events Overview


With Thanksgiving Day approaching, we have prepared several events for players to enjoy. Let have fun this Thanksgiving together in Wonderland Online!

Brief Introduction to the Events:

1.Double EXP in All Servers
All the servers will grant double experience from November 27th until November 30th EST(GMT-5).

2.Send Wishes Win Rewards
We will draw 2400 lucky players from the players who send good wishes in the forum from November 24th to November 27th EST(GMT-5). Rewards are [2X Holy EXP Potion] x1 each.

3.Thanksgiving Discount - Up to 50% Off

To thank players' continued support, we've made discount for several days and in following 3 days (Nov 28th - Nov 30th EST(GMT-5)), we will continue to do the discount on some items in the Item Mall. Please pay attention to the Item Mall in the game for details of discounts everyday.

4.Thanksgiving Item Exchange
Players can exchange Fruit Cakes or Neapolitan Sundaes for high-level healing items with GMs on November 27th EST(GMT-5).

5. Who will win the Splendid Wedding?
The three players who purchase the most Mall Points during November 21st to November 30th EST(GMT-5)will win handsome rewards. The first place winner will win a splendid wedding held by our GMs.

6.Come Capture Dragon Bangers and Sky Bangers
Dragon Bangers and Sky Bangers will be available in the Item Mall from November 24th until November 30th EST(GMT-5).

Dragon Banger(10)

Price:9 points

Details: Makes large beautiful fireworks. Can not be traded.

Sky Banger(15)

Price:9 points

Details: Makes beautiful fireworks. Can not be traded.

7.Play Mini Games for Double Credits
Players will gain credits worth 20% of the cost of playing mini games in the in-game Item Mall on November 27th EST(GMT-5).

Come on, let's enjoy these events and Thanksgiving Day together!

The WLO Team

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