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Dec 26, 2008
New Items in New Version VI


WOW!The Transfer Mirror!! Want to change classes freely? Take it easy, let's check out some of the details about it.

Transfer Mirror

Are you tired of your current class? Do you want to try another character? If you get a Transfer Mirror you can make a quick transfer among different classes. Players can be a strong warrior in the day while casting arcane sorcery by night. How cool is that!

The Transfer Mirror is an item which allows the transferred players to choose the class again.

If their STR>INT, they can choose one of these classes - Warrior, Killer or Knight.

However,if their STR

But, if their STR = INT, then players can choose either one of these 6 classes.

Transfer Mirrors can be used only once and can be expressed and traded.

The WLO Team

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