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Feb 2, 2009
Strategy for level 1-30 Players


Newbie players entering the game will find a monkey on a coconut tree as soon as they  arrive at the beach. Talk to the monkey and it will join your team. Then you can go to the North Island and work hard to reach level 3 by killing Jelly Monsters. After this, you can go to Kelan Village and accept "The Initial Trial" quest from the Village Head here.

The Initial Trial

After players finish the quest, Roca, the Village Head's daughter, will join your team and become your first human pet. Later, you can go to the Hole in Kelan Village and earn some money by fighting with the Stone Monsters.

Hole in Kelan Village

Players can also choose to challenge the Mushrooms or Starfish on North Island. After they reach level 5, they can finish the "Auntie's Special Soup Ingredients" quest in Welling Village and get a Remote Control.

Auntie's Special Soup Ingredients

Then players can level up fast by killing monsters in the Chicken Farm of Welling Village. If you would like to earn some money, you can go to kill Rock Elves so that you can afford some potions. Of course, after this you can go to find Elliott in the Welling Village and accept the "Let's make up!" quest. The reward is a fishing rod which helps you fish for some potions.

Let's make up!

It is very suitable for level 11-20 players to level up in the Chicken Farm. When you reach level 15, you can obtain a lot of Coprinus, Rice and Barley. If you drop your Coprinus and Rice into the Garbage Box, you can obtain some Steamed Buns to restore your HP and SP.

Higher level players can level up fast if you carry enough potions and go to kill Jellyfish. However, it becomes a little difficult when you reach level 18.
Level 20-30 players can go to challenge Beetles on the top of the South Island and win a large amount of fruit. You can sell lower-level items to other newbie players or sell them to Props Shopkeepers in the game. With the fruit and Ore you gain, you can also make juice, which helps restore HP.

Feel free to comment on this strategy or suggest ways to help newbie players level up fast in our WL forum.

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