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Sep 22, 2009
Official Game Tips


1. Item Trade Limitation: Total online time should be at least 6 hours or more and the player's level should be 10+. If players still cannot trade, re-login the game.

2. To show the tent, right click on the tent icon in the item bag.

3. Pets may leave their owner if the amity level is less than 19. Players can raise amity levels by purchasing items in the Item Mall or by completing quests.

4. All weapons and armor have a regular durability loss ratio. If you fight the monster that is +19 levels compared to you,your equipped items will suffer durability loss. (Note: If you've been reborn, the level of your character after being reborn will be used as reference.)

5. Generally speaking, the items or rewards for Leveling Up, Credit Mall and IGG Points Mall events will be given out after the maintenance. (Players must redeem tent furniture.)

The tiger in 'The Initial Trial' quest and the Giant Corpse Flower in South Island can be caught.

7. Each account can use only one Storeroom (50 slots), 5 Cabinets (10 slots) or 10 Wardrobes (the total slots on the cabinet and the wardrobe combined must be less than 50). Players can keep up to 6 pets in a tent.

8. Players can keep up to a max of 130 pieces of furniture in their tent. (Including the furniture you want to draw)

9. Weapon Model and Sewing Tools can only be used for combining 2 pieces of equipment of the same type and part.

10. The MAX amount of Gold storage in bags and banks is 9,999,999. For ATMs 400,000,000 is the MAX.

11. After rebirth, player's level will be reduced by 99, for example, if your current level is 100, after rebirth, your level will be level 1.
   After the rebirth, if there are any ability points left unused, the System will inform players to refrain from using them.
   Furthermore after rebirth, you can select a character class. But players must meet the ability point requirements for the selected class. (STR>INT, players can be reborn as a Killer, Knight or Warrior. INT>STR, players can be reborn as a Seer, Wit or Priest).

12. How to get DS? Players must pass the Dragon Spirit's trial! In the final trial-Xu Fu's trial, player's level must be at least 50.

13. During double EXP events, even with the EXP Potion, why don't players get the expected EXP multiplier ratios? During the event, the upper limit of the EXP multiple is 10. What's more the EXP is also related to the monster's level and combo rate. EXP effect has no affect on Bursting.

14. Marriage System. Each new couple must pay 60,000 Gold to get married.

15. The available time for using the Remote Control will be counted from the date of purchase. It can be used for 30 days, and logging out has no effect on their usage.


16. On Training Island, if players kill low level monsters they will not receive EXP. But the system will give the players 200 EXP (Double EXP events do not effect this.).

17. During a Pet trade, if the level gap between players and their new pets is too high, the amity level will be decreased. Pet's amity cannot be 0. If it reaches 0 then the trade will be ineffective.
Note: "Original level": The Pet's original level before player catches it.

18. All the rewards for Instances are distributed by the system randomly. If players cannot enter an Instance after refreshing, they should try re-logging into the game.

19. Players cannot enter a battle while playing mini-games in the Item Mall. If a Player's points were deducted but they didn't play the game, when they login to the mini-game the next time, they can play the mini-game for free.

20. In order to increase fruit production players can add Turf or certain furniture. As long as the turf and furniture is within the 6 lines dedicated to fruit, fruit production will be increased by 10 with each extra factor.

To be continue...

The WLO Team

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