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Oct 3, 2009
Explore Persian Mystery and Magic in v5.0

Having recently announced the forthcoming version 5.0 update entitled "The Glory of the Empire", IGG's Wonderland Online team is beginning to leak more details about what players can expect to see once it goes live. In this latest content expansion, one of the most highly anticipated additions is a Persian map sure to amaze and delight all who experience its wonders.


Persia is a mysterious and ancient country with a deep history of achievements in the arts, culture, and warfare, attracting admiration not just across Asia and Europe, but also around the globe. Wonderland Online's Persia features gorgeous architecture, including the brilliant, luxurious palace and its pillars shaped like oxen, lions, or humans, as well as the huge bass-relief of the Ten Thousand Immortals on the palace wall. Based on real buildings, these graphics bring ancient Persia to life for anyone who wishes to visit.


Like its greatest rulers, players will be able to explore this land and even build their own Persian empire. To reach Persia, players will need to set out from the Lion Isle through the dark blue sea. On the trip, players may come across a Persian beauty with blond hair and green eyes and become immersed in a legendary story of magic carpets and Aladdin's lamp.


These wonders and more will make Persia one of the most interesting destinations in all of Wonderland Online. Get ready for an experience unlike any other as "The Glory of the Empire" is unveiled in version 5.0.

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