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Oct 25, 2009
Final October Surprises

Its the end of October! But that doesn't mean the fun's over!  We've still got a few tricks up our sleeves, and this last event will turn you hair white!

Please make sure you've designated a character to receive the rewards before participating, or the rewards will be forfeit. Click here  to sign up.

Event Duration
October 26th until November 1st EDT (GMT-4).

Event Content

1. Consuming for gifts
During the event, players who consume 50 WLO points in Item Mall will win a Fun Token(Cannot be traded).
Additionally, if the total amount of consumption reaches 500 WLO points, players will earn 5 extra Fun Tokens. If the total consumption reaches 1000 WLO points, players will earn 10 extra Fun Tokens and a gift bag which includes 1 Training Ticket, 50 bottles of Pearl Milk Tea and 1 bottle of 3X Holy EXP Potion.

All these rewards will be given out during the maintenance on November 3rd.

2. Items in Strengthen Pack will be sold separately
The single item that used to be included in the Strengthen Packs are going on sale in the Item Mall. However, the selling time of these items are different, so please pay close attention to the Item Mall in game.

Items in Strengthen Pack (All the items cannot be traded)
Elin's Oil
Roca Perfume
Magic Bean
Great Syrup
Wolf Deity Bean
Delicate Riceball
Angel's Feather
Great Soup
Cotton Candy
Mellow Wine
Banana Boat
Orchid Candy
Beast Pill
Fairy Honey
Fairy Bean
Pirate's Wine
Mellow Wine
Demon Fruit
Energy Pill

3. 4X Holy EXP Potion is on Sale
Leveling up is a really important part of the game, so to help our players level up fast, we've decided to start selling 4X Holy EXP Potions in the Item Mall, don't miss it out!

4.Snow Ears is on sale
Snow Ears
The clothes can increase attack power and agility.Can be traded.

5. Double EXP Event
We'll also be releasing 2X EXP from 2:00am, October 31st until 11:59pm, November 2nd.

6. Get Ready For Halloween
This event will be from October 27th until November 3rd.
Click here  to find out more.

7.Defense Armor
Event Duration:
October 26th - October 31st EDT (GMT-4)

Event Content:
During the forth period of the event (Oct. 26th - Oct. 31st), players who've exchanged 2000 WLO Points, will get a pair of Defense Armor.
Each account can get only one!

Defense Armor

Lvl.1,DEF+50, Can be traded

Tons of rewards and huge surprises are waiting to jump out at you!

The WLO Team

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