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Feb 17, 2010
Life Skill Strategies in WLO

In the wonderful world of Wonderland, the life skill system is undoubtedly  one of the most fascinating parts of the game!
The following are some strategies for different kinds of life skills.

Fishing Skill
After you get the Fishing Tool in Welling Village, you don't need to rush right over to the river to start fishing. You can catch a Pink Earthworm and then give it to Turqe outside of Holy Village. After that, he will teach you all the fishing skills he knows!
Sitting and fishing beside the river, you can get lots of different kinds of materials which can be used to make delicious food! If you are lucky enough, you may also get some surprise treasure hidden in the river!!!

It's natural for player to pursue the best equipment in game, so if you're looking for the best armor and weapons, you must learn Alchemy!
After you finish the Mermaid and Lumberman's Ax quests, you can use the knife and the golden ax to exchange for Alchemy from the apprentice at the weapon house in Welling Village. Then use alchemy to make equipment! The higher the level of Alchemy you have, the higher the success rate you'll get in compounding.

Collecting Skill
Everyone knows that even the most common items in WLO may have subtle and unique functions in game!
To get the professional Collecting Skill, you need to give 5 Barley to the farmer in the house at the Sheep Farm on South Island. After you learn this skill, you'll get better skills from collecting.

Cutting Skill
Obviously, different kinds of wooden materials are important items in WLO. You can go to Holy Village and then use a Bei's Ore to exchange for the Cutting Skill from the woodsman in the Props Shop.
After learning the skill, you can use it together with the Collecting Skill to get large quantities of high level wood! After you've obtained the wood you want, you can go back to your tent and make anything you want!

Mining Skill
Similar to the Cutting Skill, the Mining Skill needs to be used together with the Collecting Skill. Various ore are the main materials for creating a variety of items and tools in game. If players learn the Mining Skill, they can collect many types of ore in the same collecting spot. In addition to using the ore yourself, you can also sell them to NPCs or other players to earn money!
You can learn this skill in Kama Cave. Give 3 iron ores to the miner in the cave and then he'll teach you the Mining Skill.

In fact there many more interesting systems in WLO besides the Life Skills. If you want to know more, just join in the fun and share your experiences with us here!

The WLO Team

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