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Jul 7, 2010
New Version - Clash of Champions will be released

Big news!!! The long awaited new version 6.0 - Clash of Champions is going to be released on July 13th!!! With it, we're also going to be opening up a new server - Aquarius! To celebrate this enormous expansion WLO has prepared a series of special events on the new server for everyone to enjoy!

Event I: Heroes' Summoning

Event Duration

4:00am - 4:30am on July 13th EDT(GMT-4)

When the new server is released, the GM will create 2 Guilds and recruit new members at starter beach. The GM will quit the guild and appoint a new Guild Leader at random when the number of guild members exceeds 50.
Additionally, the GM will also show off some of the new furniture and houses that will be available in the new version.


Event II: Food Supply

Event Duration
9:00pm - 9:30 pm on July 13th EDT(GMT-4)

The GM will throw out some food and materials at starter beach for new players to collect. Don't miss out.

BBQ Pork over Rice (HP+320, SP+160)
White Clay
Yellow Clay
Black Clay
Original Rubber

Event III: Training Hardly

From 2:00am, July 13th EDT(GMT-4) until 11:59pm, July 14th EDT(GMT-4), WLO will release a special Double EXP Event for the new server Aquarius! Work hard and you may be the top player on the new server in no time!!!

Event IV: Grab the Castle

The first guild to seize the castle during the Trojan War will win 500,000 Gold for their Guild Fund. The leader will be given the gold on behalf of the guild.


The WLO Team

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