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Aug 25, 2010
Doctor J's Lesson IV - Cornwall Quests

Doctor J is back with more knowledge to drop! Our topic today is about the quests in Cornwall! I've done most of them, so now I'd like to let you in on some of the strategies I discovered for completing them.

Cornwall is the new map that was released as part of version 6.0.

Quest 1: A duck can speak
When I got to Cornwall, I heard that there was a duck that could talk (X: 802, Y: 1315)! Amazing! So I decided to look around for this duck.

At the beginning, the duck didn't pay me much attention, but as I continued talking with it, it became irritated! (Click the duck 10 times)

I knew I had irritated it, but it didn't beat me or blame me, it just gave me a Forgotten Scroll. Then I thought, 'That's a funny duck, it should be my pet.' So I caught it!!!


Quest 2: Protect Treasure
At this point it had been a long day, so I decided to retire to the tavern for a glass of wine. (X: 1862, Y: 395)

When I entered the tavern, some people were quarreling. I was curious what had happened, so I went to check it out!

A horde of ruffians were robbing an old man. I went to help the old man.

After I defeated those ruffians, the old man told me his name was Stephen and lived in a castle outside of the city. He hoped I could help him with something. I agreed. (I'm so kind :P)

Stephen told me he got a letter from Kidd, with Kidd saying he wanted to steal the treasure that was hidden in his house, and he needed my help. So I ventured to the castle outside of the city. When I found the treasure he wanted me to protect, something very unexpected occurred!

A shining light appeared, hurting my eyes! When I opened my eyes again, the key to the treasure and the maidservant in that castle were gone! Only a piece of paper was remaining on the floor.

The maidservant was Kidd!!! He had disguised himself as the maidservant and stolen the key!!!


I was upset by his brazen theft and vowed to find him. I started by collecting clues about his location. Eventually, I discovered where he was hiding!

He was here!


After I met Kidd, he said if I defeated him, he would give me the key. I defeated him and got the key. It actually sounds easier than it looks, but you'll see when you face him.

I returned to the castle, but now Stephen was gone! So I was waited there for him to return.

I was wandering around the room, when suddenly I touched a vase that revealed a secret passage.

Using Stephen's key I tried to open the door, but was blocked by a test of wits.


After I completed the test (I'm pretty smart :) ), I went inside. WOW! There was a ton of gold and treasure scattered everywhere. In the middle of the room, there was a peculiar looking red treasure box.

I was curious about it, so I opened it. However, after I opened it I fainted...then I heard Kidd's voice in my head before I blacked out.


Stephen woke me up. I was so ashamed I had allowed Kidd to trick me. Stephen told me the treasure in the red box was a ring, which his grandfather had brought back from a long voyage.



 We went back to the room and he told me he still had another little ring. To thank me for my help, he gave me the ring as a gift. I thought the ring must be something special! Kidd had spent lots of time on it. What was its secret?
Quest 3: Farmer's Trouble

Leaving the castle, I was hungry, so I went to the house next door to the castle. the farmer there had cattle, so I asked him for some milk, but he said he needed 10 pieces of Ordinary Wood.

I gave the farmer 10 pieces of Ordinary Wood, but he told me he was hungry too, so he decided to eat the old hen! That's why he needed the wood.


The old hen knew the farmer wanted to do something terrible, so it began to shout loudly, "!" What a pitiful old hen! I stopped the farmer, who told me his wife, Jessi, was angry with him, so she refused to cook.  He was very hungry and the old hen looked so plump and delicious. He then told me that he wasn't even sure what his wife was angry about! He hoped I could help find out what the problem was so he could eat dinner.


Jessi's house is (X: 162, Y: 1235) wasn't far, so I went to ask her why she was angry. She told me her husband forgot their anniversary and didn't give her the strawberry cake she loved. (That's when I knew I was going to have to get her some strawberry cake to sort this out!)

After I got it for her she was very happy...and the farmer got his meal after all!

I returned to the farmer to explain what happened.


The farmer gave me 1 bottle of Holy Water as a reward.

Quest 4: Special Dessert
The farmer and I went back to his home together, and Jessi prepared a feast for us! I think an anniversary should be a private celebration, so even though I was still starving, I said goodbye and headed back to the tavern.

I met a sailor in the tavern, and he said if I gave him enough materials, he could make me a special dessert. Boy was he right! It was delicious!

The required materials are: Flour * 2, Octopus * 10, Cole * 3, Carrot * 3


I was really hungry, and after the sailor gave me 20 Takoyaki, I ate them all! Finally I was full!

Quest 5: Love vs Hate
I was so full that I didn't want to move too fast, so I went to a hotel to rest. I was talking with the villagers and found out that a Red Nosed Bear was wandering along the road and attacking Sis every chance he got! It sounded interesting, so I decided to go to visit Sis.


Sis' house was a little far (X: 282, Y: 795), but after I walked into the house I saw a pretty lady and no Sis. I asked her where he was, and she said Sis had gone to Fog Jungle.

I left the village in search of this dastardly bear.


Sis was being attacked by the bear yet again, so I joined in the battle.

After I joined the battle, the Red Nosed Bear was defeated, and then escaped! Sis told me he didn't know why this bear always attacks him. I was afraid that the bear would attack him again, so I said I could help him drive it away forever.


I found the Red Nosed Bear in the forest and then I fought with it again! After I defeated it, it spoke to me! It was a human, not a bear!




Feena told me her sad story, and then gave me a ring and said she hoped I could give it back to Sis.

I returned the ring to Sis and Sis gave me 1 bottle of Holy Water and 1 bottle of 1.5X Holy EXP Potion as a rewards for my help.

There are still several more quests in Cornwall, including Villager's Panic and Merlin's Test. These 2 quests we've talked about in previous lessons, so if you were paying attention you already know what to do. If you weren't, then go check out those lessons for more details.

Ok, that's it for today class! Thanks for your time and see you in game!



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