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Mar 27, 2008
Activate Your WL Account


The Wonderland Online Closed Beta will be released at 9:00pm EST (GMT-5) April 9th. Please be sure that your account has been activated before Closed Beta lanuch.

1. Please register for an account if you are not a member of IGG.

A. Click "REGISTER" at the top left side of the Wonderland Online official website ( or visit the website directly to register an account. (

B. Read the agreement first. Click "I AGREE" to go on.

C. Please enter your information details in the User Information page.

D. Please enter the activation code.

E. Make sure that your information is correct and then click "NEXT" to finish registration. You can click "RESET" to enter your information again.

Congratulations! You are now a member of WL. You can enter the game.

2. If you are already a member of IGG, you can directly login at the top left side of the IGG official website (

A. Click "Activate Game" to open the activation page.

B. You can activate Wonderland Online at the right side of the website.

C. Enter your activation code and then confirm it.

D. You will see the following prompt if you have successfully activated the game. It will return to the activation page after 3 seconds.

E. The "Activate" button should now be "Download". It means that you have successfully activated the game. You can download the game now.

The WLO Team

* Please don't reveal any account information to others. The official will never ask players for account password.
* Don't submit your username or password to any site other than IGG websites.