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May 12, 2011
A New WLO Milestone: Group Purchases!


The WLO Team is unveiling a brand new purchase mode that's been in the works for some time - Group Purchase! Now large groups of players will be able to get together with friends to increase their purchasing power!

Been looking to pick up one of the rare and powerful Holy Beast pets? Need some top equipment for challenging to most powerful monsters?  Having trouble finding the precious items needed to excel in game? They are all available to players who take advantage of our new Group Purchase event! Even better, they will be available for some of our lowest prices ever!

So what are Group Purchases anyway? As long as the minimum buyer requirement for a Group Purchase is met, the deal is sealed! IGG Points will be deducted from player's accounts as they commit to the minimum buyer requirement, and then the purchase is sent to those players in next maintenance.

Why do people who utilize the new Group Purchase system get such awesome deals on some of the rarest and most expensive items in game? By leveraging the power of large groups of people to make purchases. It's the Wal-Mart principle in action, but on behalf of individuals rather than big companies. So if you're looking to get the best deals we've ever offered, then rally your friends, guild mates and everyone else you can corral and start purchasing the items you need to succeed - together! 

The WLO Team

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