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Aug 2, 2011
New Item in Game - 100,000 Gold Pack

The new Version 6.0 plus - Treasure and Trouble has finally been released! As players start to explore all the new content on offer, we're going to be introducing new items so players will be familiar with them. First up, the 100,000 Gold Pack!

When players pay a visit to the kindly, old Props Shopkeeper in Kelan Village, they will find a new item is available - the 100,000 Gold Pack. Both the sale and purchase price are 100,000 Gold. This pack can be stacked, with up to 50 packs only occupying one slot. This 100,000 Gold Pack can be traded.

Open the pack to find 100*1000 Gold Vouchers are neatly stacked inside. Double click on a 1000 Gold Voucher to get 1000 Gold! But please be careful when selling to an NPC, as each voucher will only earn 1 Gold if sold. These vouchers can also be traded.

The 100,000 Gold Pack is one of the hot new items available in the new version, so if you find yourself exhausted from hauling around too much Gold, stop by Kelan Village and pick up one of these bags!

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