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Sep 20, 2011
Dr. J's Journey I - Kikutaro's Dream

Dr. J was passing through Yamataikoku and stopped by to visit Kikutaro. Kikutaro told Dr. J that he had a dream about becoming an international supermodel! Problem is, he's too fat to be a supermodel! He hoped Dr. J would be able to help him find the Amazing Diet Pill available in Kyoto!

When Dr. J reached Yamataikoku (X: 1002, Y: 1715) and he met a fat boy called Kikutaro. He was looking sad, so Dr. J asked him "What's up?"

Kikutaro told Dr. J that he had had a dream since childhood of becming a supermodel!! But he ate too much and never excised, so he thought it would be impossible for him to be a model - unless he lost a bunch of weight!


Recently, he had heard some news about a magic item called the "Amazing Diet Pill", which is supposed to make those unwanted pounds disappear instantly!  A vendor in Kyoto sells this amazing pill. When Dr. J heard this he was skeptical, and thought, "Is this true? If so, this world will be filled with beautiful and charming female... must be nonsense..." But Dr. J is a kind soul, and he agreed to help Kikutaro purchase the magic pill.

After a long trip, Dr. J finally reached Kyoto and found the famous shop.

The shop keeper told Dr. J he had the Amazing Diet Pill, but it would cost 25,000 Gold for each one. Dr. J thought this to be too good a deal, "It's so cheap! Would it work?"

Thinking of Kikutaro and his dreams of becoming a supermodel, Dr. J bought the pill.

He hoped this red pill would help Kikutaro become thin.

Dr. J went back to meet Kikutaro and gave him the pill. Kikutaro took it and instantly gobbled it up!

But, nothing happened. Kikutaro remained much too heavy for the runways of Paris.

Dr. J never truly believed that the magic pill would work, and after being proved right, he didn't feel angry with Kikutaro. He simply advised him to watch his diet and do more exercise.

After taking the pill, Kikutaro realized how ridiculous it was to believe that magic pill would transform him immediately, but he had to give it a shot! Now, he is more determined than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat properly. Thanks to Dr. J's help, he has a new lease on life and big dreams to pursue!!

Dr. J truly believes that Kikutaro will be a super model someday soon, if he works hard and stays in shape!

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