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Sep 21, 2011
Dr. J's Journey II - The Kongmin Lantern

When Dr. J was traveling in Chang'an, he came across the famous Chinese strategist, Wolong! Wolong had invented something new and was enthusiastic about getting people to try it, after passing a special test. But the question on everyone's mind was - what was this new invention?

When Dr. J reached Chang'an, he entered a resturant and walked over to where Wolong was showing off his new invention and asking people to try it out.

When Wolong saw Dr. J, he told him about the new invention and said he hoped he would be able to help him test it out. But, he had to make sure that anyone who tested it was worthy, so he devised a test.

Dr. J wasn't happy about having to prove his worth just to try out a new invention, but he grudgingly accepted it because he was very curious about what it was.

Wolong asked Dr. J many questions, and amazingly, Dr. J answered all of them correctly! Dr. J really knows his stuff!

After the test, Wolong handed over his new invention to Dr. J. Turns out they were 15 Bliss Lamps!!! Amazed at the potential, Dr. J quickly used a lamp to send well wishes to his family and friends.

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