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Sep 23, 2011
Dr. J's Journey III - PvP for Fun

Along his journey, Dr. J met a guard on the Great Wall. This guard was so bored that he was irritated and looking to pick a fight just to get some action! Would Dr. J accept his challenge?

After traveling the Chang'an, Dr. J reached the Great Wall! There, he met General Wu, a thoroughly bored military commander who tries to pick a fight. Dr. J was intrigued by this challenge and accepted.

Dr. J thought it would be an easy fight, but was surprised him when the other guards quickly rushed to help him. It seems General Wu wasn't the only bored guard on the Great Wall...

Even though it was a little difficult for Dr. J, the result was a win! Dr. J proved his superior skills in combat and showed the guards they should be training instead of complaining!

After the fight, all the guards were in awe of Dr. J's power, and for showing them his moves, rewarded him with a 3.5X Holy EXP Potion.

The WLO Team


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