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Sep 4, 2012
Brand New Item Mall Items

Our latest version is finally OUT! And now, let us show you the Newest Hottest offerings we have in the Mall!

1.Tenacity Saddle
Equip the Tenacity Saddle on your Beast Pet and ride upon it to boost your HP by 30%.

2.SP Bottle Pack
2 SP Bottle Packs inside!

3.HP Bottle Pack
2 HP Bottle Packs inside!

4.Scroll Pack (The new red one)

Screenshot about items in this pack:

5.Fuel Bank
Right click to open the Fuel interface that stores all kinds of vehicles. Double click on the tank to top up your fuel.

6.New Shape Clay
a.Tree Hut

b.Chimp Tent

c.Caravan Crib

7.Yes/No Board
Double click to choose Yes or No!

Enjoy more fun in game!

The WLO Team

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