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May 11, 2008
Time for Open Beta Confirmed


Our closed beta will come to an end at 3:00am (GMT-5) on 11th May. All participants' information will be saved.

The open beta will start at 9:00pm (GMT-5) on 11th May. You can apply for a new account to take part in. Wonderland Online is free forever.

A new server called Taurus will be launched in open beta. Both servers of Aries and Taurus are totally independent from each other. Characters information in them will not be shared. Players play the game in Taurus with a brand-new character. Besides daily regular events(, we will hold many interesting events.

Provided that you have installed closed beta client, you can upgrade it after the end of closed beta.

Provided that you have not installed closed beta client, you can download the open beta client after the end of closed beta in our official website.

For more information visit our official website

The WLO Team

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