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Jun 20, 2013
Jackpot In Wonderland!

Are you familiar with the mini games in the Item Mall, like Diamond Cast, Diamond Hit, Potion Box, etc? They are fun and easy games that give you attractive prizes.
"Jackpot In Wonderland" is the next mini game to come your way! A simple pull of the lever might land you the grand prize!

Event Duration:

21st June - 23rd June EDT (GMT-4)

Event Details:

During the event period, players who purchase the required amount of WLO points during this event will have the opportunity of winning the awesome items! Please note that there are two ways of purchasing WLO points. You could exchange them from IGG points, or purchase WLO points directly. For a total of 500 WLO points purchased or exchanged, you'll get 1 try. So 1000 points will give you 2 tries, and so on. The more WLO points you purchase, the more goodies you will get!
Click here to buy/exchange WLO Points

Take a peek at the rewards you may WIN!

Combination Price
   Grand Prize
    2nd Prize
   3rd Prize
   5th Prize
2 Same Icons 6th Prize
Other than the shown combinations above Consolation Prize

Grand Prize (select only ONE item from the following prizes):
Purple Chest Key, Holy Water Card, Star*2, 26% Bomb Diamond, Dumpling Card(Double click to get Training Fare, 6X Holy EXP Potion and more!)

2nd Prize (select only ONE item from the following prizes):
Gold Gloves, Gold Boots, Defense Armor, Gold Rings, Bronze Card(Double click to get Pet Lethe Scroll, 6X Holy EXP Potion and more!), Unicorn Card

3rd Prize (select only ONE item from the following prizes):
Pumpkin Suit, Succubus Suit, Training Ticket*2, Small Tear Plier

4th Prize (select only ONE item from the following prizes):
Gift Pack, Scroll Pack, War Pack, Water Pack*2, Ghost War Horse Pack*2, 7 Colors Egg

5th Prize (select only ONE item from the following prizes):
Killer's Gloves, Warrior's Gloves, Knight's Gloves, Wit Gloves, Priest's Gloves, Seer's Gloves, Magic Gloves

6th Prize: You’ve got one more chance to pull!

7th Prize (select only ONE item from the following prizes):
Fugu Hot Pot*4, Grape Syrup*3, Olla Seafood Noodles*3, HP Bottle, SP  Bottle, Small Love Bouquet*2, Soy Porkbone Noodle*3, Fun Token, High Uranium*10, Fine Uranium*10, Great Gasoline*10

Come on! Seize this opportunity and win yourselves some fantastic items!

What are you waiting for? Let's have a "Jackpot In Wonderland" today!

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