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Jun 22, 2008
Preview – Enhancements and Strong Scrolls


Weapons sold in our mall can become amazingly powerful if they are enhanced. Having enhanced weapons is a great way to have more fun in Wonderland Online, and Strong Scrolls play an important role in weapon and armor enhancement. So let's look more closely at Strong Scrolls...

i. Enhancement location:Weaponry in Welling Village

ii. Enhancement NPC:Weapon Improver and Armor Improver

iii. Talk to the NPC to select the equipment you want to enhance and to what level. You can only enhance to each level progressively. Each time you enhance a weapon or armor, the attribute points will increase. Currently, armor and weapons can be enhanced to +4 and +3 respectively.

iv. Enhancement requirements: Strong Scroll

A Strong Scroll can only be used to enhance weapon and armor purchased from the Mall. Weapons and armor from the Mall can't be improved through setting Diamonds or Bomb Diamonds in them, or by compounding. The only way to increase their attributes is through enhancement using a Strong Scroll. The level you wish to enhance to will determine how many Strong Scrolls you need.

a) ã€€ã€€+1 = One Strong Scroll
b) ã€€ã€€+2 = Two Strong Scrolls
c) ã€€ã€€+3 = Three Strong Scrolls
d) ã€€ã€€+4 = Four Strong Scrolls

Therefore, if a weapon is enhanced to +4, you will need 10 Strong Scrolls (1+2+3+4=10) If armor is enhanced to +3, you will need 6 Strong Scrolls (1+2+3=6).

These are some examples of the attribute increases for weapons and armor after enhancement:

Sky Sword +4      =   atk+18 spd+18     34% chance of critical strike
Attack Pestle +4   =    atk+40 consume enemy's 95% sp
Crescent Bow+4   =   atk+18 spd+18      34% chance of critical strike

Energy Halo+3        =   maxhp+140 maxsp+140 
Gold Ears+3           =   spd+40
Stand Ears+3          =    def+40
Dark Evil Wings+3   =  atk+24 matk+24

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