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Apr 27, 2017
Welcome May

Hellooo to a brand new week! As we bid goodbye to April, WLO has prepared a feast of rewards for our players! Come get these goodies and have a leveling-up rush at the end of April!

Sign up here  to register for this event. Please make sure you have assigned an account to receive any and all rewards earned, or you'll lose them.

Event Duration
Apr 27th - May 1sth EST (GMT - 5)

Event Details
1. During the event, exchange or buy a minimum of 8,000 WLO Points to win Crazy Dragon Card*1. Limit 1 voucher per account.

Click here to buy/exchange WLO Points

2.During the event period, the player who purchases 6,000 or more WLO and win 28% Bomb Diamond*3 + Bead Diamond*6. Limit 1 set per account.

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3. During the event period, players need only purchase the following amounts to qualify for various rewards according to the table below:


Min. Point Requirement




1000 WLO Points Mini-Angel Wings*1 Limit 1 Set Per Account
Apr.28th 1500 WLO Points Forgotten Scroll*55 No Limit Per Account
Apr.29th 2000 WLO Points Demon Wings*1 Limit 1 Set Per Account
Apr.30th 1500 WLO Points Gray Cat Ears*1 Limit 1 Set Per Account
May.1st 1000 WLO Points Black Earrings*1 Limit 1 Set Per Account

* Please don't reveal any account information to others. The official will never ask players for account password.
* Don't submit your username or password to any site other than IGG websites.