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May 11, 2017
May Goodies Galore II

Mid-May is here, get ready for a huge wave of goodies this week, check more below! 

Event Durationa
May 11th - May 15th EDT (GMT - 4)

Event Details
1. During the event, exchange or buy a minimum of 8,000 WLO Points to win Combat Tiger Voucher*1. Limit 1 voucher per account.


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2.During the event period, the player who purchases 3,000 or more WLO and win Bead Diamond*4 + Shade Diamond*2. Limit 1 set per account.

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During the event period, players need only purchase the following amounts to qualify for various rewards according to the table below:

Date Min.Point Requirement Rewards Limitation
May 12th 1500 WLO Points Deity Spar*4 1 Set Per Account
May 13th 2000 WLO Points Demon Wings*1 1 Set Per Account
May 14th 1500 WLO Points Forgotten Scroll*55 No Limit Per Account

Deity Spar: Increases the ability attributes by 60 points. Can be traded.

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All rewards will be given out after the maintenance on May 17th. Please make sure enough space is allocated for them.

The WLO Team

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