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Jul 1, 2017
July Pet Paradiso!

Would you like the coolest and most awesome pet to cool off this warm summery month? In our latest giveaway, be the top charger and get a Holy Pegasus as your most faithful and loyal companion in Wonderland! Don't miss this and other great goodies we've got for you this July, check them out below!

Sign up here to register for this event. Please make sure you have assigned an account to receive any and all rewards earned, or you'll lose them.

Event Durationa
Jul 1st - Jul 3rd EDT (GMT - 4)

Event Details

1. During the event, exchange or buy 4,000 WLO Points to win Combat Tiger Voucher*1. (Limited to 1 per account.)

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2.During the event period, the player who purchases 2,000 or more WLO and win Dark Shadow Crystal*3. Limit 1 set per account.

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During the event period, players need only purchase the following amounts to qualify for various rewards according to the table below:

Date Min.Point Requirement Rewards Limitation
Jul. 1st 1000 WLO Points Deity Spar*4 Limit 1 Set Per Account
Jul. 2nd 1000 WLO Points Pet Return Scroll*55 No Limit Per Account
Jul. 3rd 1000 WLO Points Principality Scroll*80 No Limit Per Account



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All rewards will be given out after the maintenance on July 5th. Please make sure enough space is allocated for them.

The WLO Team

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