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Sep 1, 2017
Merge Servers

Dear players, in order to increase player interaction and inject more fun into Wonderland, we will be holding a server merge during the maintenance on September 10 (GMT-5). Read on for more details on the servers involved and account management. Please take note of the following!
I. Merge Timing:
  The server merge will be held at 9:00pm  September 10th (GMT-5). It will start during the maintenance period, and is estimated to take 48 hours. If the merge is completed earlier, the game will be online early as well, so that our players can enjoy the game.
II. Merge Arrangement:
  While planning for the merge, we have taken into account the population of each server, the age of each server, the player levels, and other various factors, so that we can put into place an arrangement that is best for everyone. The servers involved in the merge are as follows; players can log into the game according to which server they were originally on.

     Server merges:
1: Taurus: consists of the original Taurus, Leo, Libra ,Scorpio and Pisces merged into one.
2. Cancer: consists of the original Gemini,Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius and Cap&Aqu merged into one.

A total of 10 servers will be merged into 2.
*As server names will change after the merge, to prevent players from getting confused as to which server to enter, we’ve arranged things so that players can simply select which server they were originally on at the log-in window.
III. Regarding player accounts:
1. Characters:
After the merge, if a player account has characters on more than one server, the character with the highest level will be retained, and the rest will be deleted. For example: Account WL12345 has a Lv 100 character with no class transfer on SERVER1, a Lv 50 character after a class transfer on SERVER2, and a Lv 50 character with no class transfer on SERVER3, the Lv 50 character with a class transfer on SERVER2 will be retained, and the other two characters will be deleted.

The char below lv 36 may be deleted.
Please ascertain which character you would like to keep, and delete the others before the merge, to prevent the possibility of losing your favorite character.
2. Items:
After the merge, all the pets, items and gold coins stored in the Capitol by the retained character will be kept.
IV. Identical Character Names:
After the merge, if two players have the same character names, the older character will keep the original name, and the other character will have a “2” added to the back of the name. For example: if two players have characters called [KK], the character that was created later will be called [KK2] after the merge.
If you wish to change your character’s name after the merge, please contact us via the customer service feedback system on the homepage, customer service hotline, or fax to register your request. We will process your request as quickly as we can. The following rules apply:
1. We are unable to help you change your character’s name if it was identical to another player’s name, and changed by the system before the merge.
2. Each account is allowed to change the character name only once. Please be sure of the new name you desire before you submit a name change request.
3. Please take note that we are unable to help you change your character name on the spot. To minimize the time taken, please provide three or more names you would like to have when you submit your name change request. We will check all existing names against your name list, and pick a name according to your order of preference. (Please submit your names in order of preference, to facilitate this process.)
4. Please take note: Avoid special characters and symbols, as well as swear words and other unsuitable words, or we will not be able to help you change your character name.
5. IGG reserves all rights to make the final decision on whether to change a player’s character name.
V. Friends:
-After the merge, the friends list on the host server will be retained, and the friends lists on the component servers will be deleted.
-If your friend’s character is deleted after the merge, the character will be automatically removed from your friends list.
VI. Marriages:
-Marriages will be retained after the merge.
-If your marriage partner’s character is deleted after the merge, the marriage will cease to exist.
VII. Guilds:
-After the merge, the guilds on the host server will be retained, and the guilds on the component servers will be disbanded.
-If the guild leader is deleted after the merge, the leader’s guild will be disbanded.
-All Trojan War records will be deleted after the merge, and guilds will have to fight for control from square one. More chances and a better sense of achievement for all!
VIII. Rankings:
-Level rankings and Gold Coin rankings will be refreshed according to the data after the merge.
-Q&A, Team PK, and PVP Server ranking data will be deleted after the merge, and new rankings will be up after the corresponding events are held.

Don't join any event or purchase any item at the website during the maintenance.

* Please don't reveal any account information to others. The official will never ask players for account password.
* Don't submit your username or password to any site other than IGG websites.