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Mar 22, 2018
Castle Clash - Exclusive Gift Giveaway 

Packed with exciting combat and fast-paced strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Castle Clash has maintained a broad appeal since launch, expanding from its core gameplay to bring fans new and innovative features. Experience heart-pounding battles with over 100 million players from 50 countries and regions. Manage a diverse cast of powerful Heroes and adorable Pets. Invite your friends and Clash together!

Now for a limited time, get the Castle Clash Gift worth US$100 instantly when you create a Castle Clash account. What’s more, link your Castle Clash account to your Wonderland Online account and get the exclusive Wonderland Online Gift!
Get the Castle Clash Gift (worth US$100, exclusive to Wonderland Online players) here:
Download Castle Clash here:
Event Rules:
1. Event period: March 21 -July 31 2018 (GMT-5).
2. Players using Android or iOS hand-held devices may scan the respective QR code to download Castle Clash.
3. Log in to Castle Clash and check your IGG ID. To collect the Castle Clash Gift, tap on Claim Gifts on the event page(, and enter your IGG ID.
4. Only the IGGID registered after 2018.03.21 00:00 (after the event begins) are eligible for this event;
5. Each IGG ID may only receive the Castle Clash Gift once. To collect the Wonderland Online Gift, log in to your Wonderland Online account on the event page (after collecting the Castle Clash Gift) and link your accounts.
6.The gifts of WLO will be sent in 1 month after u claim . 
7. The Wonderland Online and Castle Clash teams reserve the right to the final interpretation of the rules of this event.
Note: The Castle Clash Gift (worth US$100, exclusive to Wonderland Online players) contains the following in-game items:
           Little Thief Scrap*50
           Legendary Hero Card (Event)*1
           Honor Badge Pack III*100
           EXP Pack III*100
           Gold Pack III*100
           Mana Pack III*100
           Work Hammer I*100
           The Wonderland Online Gift contains:
           Love Picnic Lunch*1
           Soy Porkbone Noodle*200
           Chicken Rice*200
* Please don't reveal any account information to others. The official will never ask players for account password.
* Don't submit your username or password to any site other than IGG websites.