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Aug 1, 2008
New "Leo" Server Coming on August 5th


Wonderland Online officials are glad to announce that a new US server named "LEO" will be launched after the weekly server maintenance on August 5th EDT (GMT-4). The new server has 3 server branches and its name will be at the top of the Server List.

As the number of players has been increasing constantly on Aries Server, some new character information cannot be kept. To relieve population stress on Aries server, we suggest players choose other servers, such as the upcoming Leo server, or existing Taurus, Gemini and Cancer servers. You will be able to create more characters and gameplay will be smoother.

In addition, a new European Server is currently being tested and will be released in August. We hope European players will invite more friends in advance to play Wonderland Online on the European Server together.

However, the characters which haven't logged into our game for three months will be deleted. If you want to continue to play, please contact our GMs. (your character information will be kept).

As the new Leo Server will be at the top of the Server List, players should make sure they choose their server correctly when entering the game.

The WLO Team

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